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Google AdWords is the safest form of online advertising that our company has ever worked with. Yet two fundamental facts are often overlooked:

(1) Most companies’ Google AdWords accounts are poorly set up, badly configured and inadequately maintained. Despite the fact that many make an overall profit, they may still be wasting money that could be saved in the process, further increasing the ROI.

(2) It is possible to lose money on Google AdWords. It is even possible to make money while simultaneously wasting it.

If incorrectly setup or maintained, your Google AdWords account may be wasting potential. Worse still, it may be wasting your money.

Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of people out there offering to help with or manage your Google AdWords account! To help differentiate between the wheat and the chaff, Google introduced their Google Advertising Professional scheme to identify individuals and companies with expert knowledge and experience of Google AdWords.

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SoftwarePromotions is a Certified AdWords Partner, and have been working with Google AdWords since 2001.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

If incorrectly setup or maintained, your Google AdWords account may be wasting potential. Worse still, it may be wasting your money.

We go into your Google AdWords account, have a look round, and follow a detailed and comprehensive 75 point checklist covering your account setup, campaigns, campaign settings, ad group structure and names, budget, targeting, number of clicks, impressions, average position, click through rates, behavioural patterns, use of reporting facilities, change history, ad texts, keywords, matching options and more.

We then write-up our findings in a clear, detailed and well-illustrated report. The report is not generated from a template or boilerplate. Nor is it a general Google AdWords report, adapted to be relevant to your account. Every single item and recommendation is created based on your account and situation.

Benefits of the Google AdWords Report

  • Have all aspects of your Google AdWords account viewed by a professional
  • No changes whatsoever are made to your account
  • The report is both detailed and actionable
  • Sleep well at night – know that your account is correctly set up!


The pricing for this package is only $599. There are no hidden extras.

We’re confident that you’ll find the information you gain in the report to be worth more than the cost of this package.

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Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsLuc Marin, DxO Labs
"Finding SoftwarePromotions was a godsend for DxO Labs. We were struggling to find the best way to set up an efficient Google Ads Strategy, then along came David, Aaron and the team. Their understanding of the software business as well as their deep Google Ads expertise led to results way beyond anything we had experienced before. We found David and Aaron to be extremely responsive to our many queries, questions and requests for clarification. I would recommend SoftwarePromotions without any hesitation to any software developer or publisher who is serious about Google Ads Marketing."
Luc Marin, DxO Labs

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