A Fresh Set of Eyes

A website critique that sees what you miss

You have no idea what your website looks like

You understand what you sell. And you have a good idea of what your customers need.

But when it comes to your website, do you know how it appears to other people?

You’re almost certainly missing the obvious.

It’s a case of familiarity breeding blindness.

With my eyes, you’ll gain valuable insight into your website from an independent expert.

You’ll walk away with a personalised assessment, including a list of quick and easy to implement improvements.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAndy Brice, SuccessfulSoftware
"It is incredibly useful to be able to see your website through someone else's eyes, especially when those eyes belong to someone as experienced in online marketing as Dave Collins. I now have lots of ideas for new A/B tests."
Andy Brice, SuccessfulSoftware

Just a few of our clients:


Example Eyes Report: Click to watch

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsRobert Inch - Schoolhouse Technologies Inc.
"Your website evaluation was even better than I was hoping for. I tried another outfit a few years ago, and all I got was a pile of print-outs from what looked like SemRush or some other SEO software. So it was a real treat to have someone actually look at the website and provide useful and practical suggestions for improvement."

Who am I? Why should you care what I think

I’m Dave Collins, and I’ve been speaking at conferences all over the world for more than 20 years.

I’ve delivered more than 80 presentations to thousands of people at 45+ events, business growth organisations, incubators and more.

I’ve worked with more than 600 websites, and I’ve been carrying out website critiques, reviews and website teardowns at conferences since 2001.

I’ve got a great eye for details that you miss, I’m direct and precise about my findings, and I’ve helped countless businesses improve their websites enormously.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsPeter Coppinger, Founder / CEO / Lead Developer at Teamwork.com
"Dave provided an amazingly quick turnaround time and yet deep insights into simple and straightforward improvements that could be made to our homepage. Where others would struggle to work out specifics, Dave’s expert knowledge was obvious; he just knew instinctively what was wrong and what needed fixing."
Peter Coppinger, Founder / CEO / Lead Developer at Teamwork.com

Why you need a website critique

  • To see the issues & problems that you don’t see on your website
  • So that your visitors better understand what you sell
  • To convert more visitors into customers
  • Eyes will have a dramatic impact on your website…
  • meaning a dramatic effect on your business


  • Clarify & streamline your website navigation
  • Better trust signals and opportunities
  • Using social proof
  • Tone and readability
  • Consistency
  • Security
  • Reassurance
  • And much more…
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAnders Thue Pedersen, CEO & Founder TimeBlock.com
"Dave did a 10 minute teardown of our website that was filled with valuable insight and concrete and actionable items. We implemented all the changes Dave suggested and ended up growing our revenue 300% overnight delivering an instant ROI, we followed up with a longer in-depth walkthrough of the website some time later that led to another boost in conversion so we are now hovering around 450% of the original revenue."
Anders Thue Pedersen, CEO & Founder TimeBlock.com



  • Full personalised website review
  • Valuable Expert Insight
  • Real-time Video report
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  • Full personalised website review
  • Valuable Expert Insight
  • Real-time Video report
  • Full scan of your whole website
  • Detailed on-site SEO audit
  • Current SEO status overview
  • external link audit
  • external link analysis
  • Link risk assessment video
  • 20 min Consultation Call

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