How to make your product sell itself

Copywriting for small businesses - using a typewriter. Not really.


How to communicate using the right language, and backed up by data.


Don't reinvent the wheel - polish it

You know how good your product is.

It's powerful. Easy to use. Effective. And better than everything else.

The problem is that your competition are saying the same things.

The solution isn't to blend in.

The solution is to stand out, by directly speaking to your customer.

And showing them how much they need what you sell.

Speak in their language

It doesn't start with your product, it starts with the customer.

And the only way to speak to them is in their language. Not yours.

Not by guessing. By using data.

"Data minimises friction between a prospect and their eagerness to buy."

When someone arrives at your website, they won't work at understanding what you sell.

They won't weigh up your information to see if you're a good fit for their needs.

They won't translate your words, or plough through your content.

They're busy. And their fingers are poised on the mouse button, to go back to where they were.

Like you are now.

So I'll make this simple.

We identify the language, problems and needs of your customers.

We then use this to describe what you sell in their language. Speaking in their language means more sales.

And we'll also make sure that Google understands what you're saying, too.

Burn the sales candle at both ends

Too many companies think that the best way to sell their product is to shout about it.

To shout as loud as possible. As much as possible 

They shout about features. About how powerful it is. About how easy it is to use. About how YOU should BUY NOW.

"Shouting is a terrible way to sell."

Your potential customer doesn't care about your features. Not initially.

They don't care about your mission to change the world.

They hate being shouted at.

And they have a problem.

They need to know if you understand their problem.

If you can solve their problem for them.

If you can improve their lives in some way.

If they can trust you. If they like you. If you understand them.

This is what we do. For you and your customers.