Google Ads Consultation

Tap into years of experience.

Since 1997: 643 companies from 50 countries

We have been managing Google Ads since its launch.
Tap into our years of experience.

Are you struggling with Google Ads?

Perhaps you’re not seeing the results you hoped for?

Or worse still you don’t even know whether it’s working or wasting your money?

We can help.

Our Google Ads consultation service provides you with direct access to our knowledge and experience, and applies it to your account.

What will you get?

Aaron Weiner is the SoftwarePromotions Google Ads ​Whisperer.

He’s responsible for making Google Ads work absurdly well for our clients, and is committed to making sure they receive highly targeted traffic at the lowest possible cost.

He’s been helping companies around the world solve their Google Ads problems for 16+ years and he’s ready to help you.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsAlex Yumashev, founder and CEO Jitbit
"If you ever need help with Google Ads, I *highly* recommend Aaron Weiner he's a genius (and a highly professional consultant btw, made me feel like I'm his only client, which is obviously not true)"
Alex Yumashev, founder and CEO Jitbit


Tapping into Aaron’s brain is an opportunity to gain directly from his extensive experience as a PPC consultant, and is ideal for help with Google Ads:

  • Analysing and understanding your Google Ads account
  • Resolving complex tracking issues
  • Understanding why Google Ads might not be working
  • Eliminating wasted opportunities
  • Setting up new types of tracking
  • Resolving policy issues
  • Improving your ROI

Let Aaron apply his years of knowledge and experience directly to your Google Ads account!

We charge a flat hourly rate. The minimum time period is three hours, and billing is in units of an hour. Our current rates (as of November 2014) are (US) $700.00 per hour.

To make the most effective use of your time, we recommend that initial communications are carried out by email.

There is no charge for reading and absorbing a reasonable amount of basic information.

If extensive preparation is required, then this may be charged for.

Rest assured, however, that there will be no billing surprises or unexpected charges.

Please note that availability is limited.

As a small company, we have to tightly control our schedule.

When you pay for our time, we always ensure that you receive complete and absolute value for money.

Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsXander Marin -
"Aaron has been a great help to us. I originally thought I was signing up for Google Ads Management, but in reality Aaron has been indispensable in terms of setting up essential analytics and tracking throughout our site and on the various tools/plugins that we use (including tracking on rival ads platforms!). He's always been super responsive to Ads issues, and all of the other technical aspects that go along with them, consistently going above and beyond to help us do the right thing to grow our business."
Xander Marin -