Google Analytics 4 Demystified

GA4 is complicated – but we make it easy for you

On July 1st 2023, Universal Analytics stopped working

It’s now been replaced by Google Analytics 4

The thing about GA4…

Google Analytics 4 isn’t just an upgrade.

It isn’t just a new interface.

To all intents and purposes, it’s a new platform.

Its greatest strength is that it’s the most powerful and accurate free analytics platform.

The problem is that setting it up and configuring it correctly it is complex.

We can help you.

Your GA 4 – set up correctly

You’ll be able to track the events that you need for your business. Correctly and accurately.

You’ll have broken tracking issues fixed and working correctly.

You’ll have the power of GA4 molded around your business.

You’ll have easy access to the information that you need.

You’ll know your way around the complexities of GA4, have your questions answered, and feel comfortable with using it.

Once set up, you’ll find the complexities have gone. Replaced by a powerful tool that you can put to use immediately.

How steep is the GA4 learning curve?

This depends on a combination of your needs and technical expertise.

But most people will find the learning curve somewhere between steep and impassable.

This is where we come in.

We’ll start by discussing what you need from your account.

We’ll then set up your GA4 account in the right way for you.

So you’ll be able to get everything you need from the outset.

Over time, as you work with the platform, you’ll invariably find your feet in terms of using it.

If you can remember when you first started using the “old” Google Analytics, it too would have been off-putting.

Our setting up your GA4 account will make sure you get off to the right start.

Working with Aaron on your GA4 account is an opportunity to tap directly into his extensive experience.

Whatever your needs and requirements, let Aaron apply his hard-gained knowledge directly to your business!


The amount that we charge for this service depends on the size and complexity of the project.

We do, however, charge a single flat fee. For a very basic website without ecommerce configuration, this would start from (US) $1,000.

Code changes to the website and/or ecommerce tracking can be included, but this of course increases the price.

But the one time fee that we quote for your project will be all inclusive.

There will be no billing surprises or unexpected charges.

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