Case study – Paessler AG

Company: Paessler AG

Software: PRTG Network Monitor

Service Used: Marketing Service

Paessler AG


Paessler AG, a small company based in Fuerth, Germany, specialises in network monitoring software. By using the try-before-you-buy principle and reaping the opportunities of the internet, this small business has managed to sell their software to customers in more than 70 countries.


Paessler AG were facing the classic software obstacle. They had a first-class product range, but simply weren’t getting enough people to see it. They’d tried an assortment of software solutions, including AddSoft and WebPosition, but still weren’t achieving the sort of sales figures they’d hoped for. We became the solution they were looking for, as the graph below shows.


The results were fantastic! According to Dirk Paessler of Paessler AG, “sales started to climb within the first month of our working together. After three months, sales had actually tripled, and as we moved over six months, the sales were at five times their original level. After eighteen months, monthly sales had increased by a staggering 3090%!” IPCheck Server Monitor and the Webserver Stress Tool are getting the attention they deserve.

Relative turnover increase with time.
Digital Marketing by SoftwarePromotionsDirk Paessler, Paessler AG
"Working together with SoftwarePromotions, our monthly sales increased by 3090% in 18 months! They are also simply a pleasure to work with!"

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