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Website review excerpts.

To illustrate the wide scope of our website reviews and give you some idea of what to expect, here are some excerpts from reviews that we have written for real clients. All names and URLs have been removed to protect their identities.

Initial impressions

“the main problem with the site is not the way it looks – it is the message it is trying to deliver.”

“There’s no need to squeeze so much content into one single page, as it ends up looking quite spammy and is unlikely to hold a visitor’s attention for very long. The signature at the end of the page also seems superfluous, and gives the site a dated “welcome to my homepage” feel.”

“The only problem I found was the fact that the Index page is so text-heavy, yet fails to make some very important things sufficiently clear. I feel that the space where the current initial paragraph is located could be put to better use. Within seconds of landing on your site, I would like to understand what the product is, and who it is aimed at.”

Navigation and Ease of Use

“It is a fascinating source of information, but it could prove to be quite problematic for someone who is mainly interested in buying the software. There is simply too much, and there isn’t a clearly marked path for somebody who wants to a) find out more about the software or b) download or buy it.”

“Some of the information that could be interesting to a potential client is hidden away behind links that sound as if they don’t offer anything of value.”

“The simple fact that there are three tabbed side menus, with a total of 48 main links, clearly shows that something needs to be done. There are too many options, and not anywhere near enough information for potential buyers. On this site, the sales process clearly does not come first – it is only in third or fourth place.”


“The only thing that I would change is the screenshots – they are nice and clear, but there is no explanation at all as to what they show. I think you need to assume that your visitors know nothing at all about your product, and provide a lot more hand-holding that you currently do.”

“A small point about the tour: as you view the slides, the Next and Previous buttons are not in the order that most sites use. I found myself accidentally clicking Previous several times, and going back rather than forward.”

Message conveyed

“The first line on the first page is the most important spot of your whole website – yet you have chosen to devote it to general history rather than your own product. The second sentence introduces your product, but it is very dry and focuses purely on functions and history. This is not a good way to attract attention.”

“The interesting thing about this site was that when I first saw it, I immediately felt as though I did not know enough to understand the product. The impression I got was that this software was intended for a relatively small group of professionals who would understand what “XXXX” and “YYYY” might be. Later, I realised that this was not the case. “

Pushing the sale

“the differences between the various options are not made clear enough. I think you need a page that briefly describes all the available options, the costs, and what is included. Currently it is spread out over the entire site, making it more difficult for a potential client to make an informed choice.”

“I have never seen a software site that pushes the sale less than this one. Selling the product is almost an afterthought – in fact, the word “buy” doesn’t even appear once on your Index page. There are no “Buy Now” buttons, no incitement to download, and no reasons why anyone might want to consider doing so.”


Did you know?

Since 2001, we have been attending and speaking at a variety of events all over the world.

Dave Collins has delivered over 100 presentations at over 30 different events, conferences, webinars, online classes, networking events, accelerator programs and more in the United States, China, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

His reputation is based on his wide range of experience and willingness to share good, useful information. Either that or his receding hairline and the ever-expanding bags under his eyes.


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