Snakes on a plane

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

If you've spent any time online in the last year, you'll undoubtedly have come across the phrase “snakes on a plane”. If you're still unsure as to what the big deal is, head over to the Seomoz blog and read a detailed posting that talks you through the whole phenomenon.

Here's the short version: Snakes on a Plane is just a film, which hasn't even been released yet. Not surprisingly, it is about setting poisonous snakes free on an airplane in an attempt to kill a witness to a murder. For some unfathomable reason, this caught the attention of the online community, and countless blogs soon featured information, hype, and fake posters.

Taking note of all this publicity, the film producers went back and made some changes to the film, making it more violent and with more “cool” content than was originally intended.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it serves as a great reminder of how incredibly powerful the online community can be. If you can find a way to tap into it, you've truly found the Golden Ticket.

The Internet = The Ultimate Focus Group