MySpace horrors

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

We don't often mention MySpace on this blog, but as you all know, it's fast becoming one of the most popular destination on the web. It doesn't hold much interest for me personally, but I still think it's worth being aware of the risks – and I'm not just talking about the predators preying on children and teenagers.

No, what seems to be getting more common is malware and other security problems. The latest high-profile case is a banner advert that infects your computer with a Trojan (unless you've been very vigilant with your Windows security updates, in which case you're safe). Experts estimate that more than a million users have already been infected, partly because they feel a false sense of security within MySpace and click on links that they might otherwise avoid.

Worth keeping mind, methinks. And tell your kids!

MySpace faces security problems