Learning from BlogHer

Posted by Dave CollinsDigital Marketing

As some of you may know, the BlogHer conference took place last week. On the surface, this is a get-together of women bloggers of all kinds, covering all topics. This year, it appears that there were quite a few men in attendance, too, and one of them more well-known was Robert Scoble (previously of Microsoft fame).

Over at the Scobleizer, he discusses what he learned from BlogHer, and it's well worth a read. His main message to vendors and service providers appears to be: when you're at a conference, listen to what your audience wants. Just listen. Don't try to push things, don't just try to pitch your product, but take advantage of the opportunity and try to learn something. Apparently, Windows Live Spaces didn't do so well at this.

Very interesting post.

What I learned from BlogHer