Step by step: adapting to (not provided)

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

Transcript of video – adapting to (not provided): Note: The video is worth watching as I’ll show you exactly what to look for and where. Plus it’s only 6 minutes long with no sales pitch! Hi everyone, this is Dave Collins from SoftwarePromotions. Today I’m going to talk about (not provided) and how you can actually deal with this new … Read More

It’s time to throw away your sales funnels

Posted by Dave CollinsWebsite Optimisation

Why do we use the analogy of a funnel for our website visitors? Could it be wishful thinking? A funnel is designed to conduct the flow of liquids or other substances into a container with a small mouth. Rather than pouring the liquid over the mouth and hoping that some of it actually falls in, the funnel channels the flow. … Read More

Pain is a catalyst for change

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Moving from inertia to action usually requires some sort of change in circumstances. Too often, status quo appears to be the easiest option – even when it isn’t. Many online businesses stick with using poor support and tracking systems for their customers. Not because they are so attached to the systems in question, but because the pain of switching to … Read More

How To Win Customers and Influence Visitors

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics

Every page on your website has the potential to impress or repulse, so why has it become acceptable to only optimise the home page, main page and landing pages? Broadly speaking, every page performs one or more of the following functions: – To inform. – To impress. – To persuade. – To compel. Pages that inform. Passively sharing information is … Read More

Good headlines help your sex-life

Posted by Dave CollinsSEO

An eye-catching headline can make the difference between a glance and engagement. This is beyond obvious, right? So why aren’t you doing it? You probably spend a fair amount of time writing and testing your website’s headlines. And if you’re running AdWords ads, you certainly understand the importance of a good title. Yet many companies fail to capitalise on the … Read More