The dark is getting darker

Posted by Dave CollinsAnalytics, SEO

You probably already know that Google aren’t reporting all your organic keywords, but the problem may be more serious than you realise. The background in brief: In October 2011 Google announced that they would no longer be reporting on the organic keywords used by anyone logged into Google. In other words if someone is logged into Gmail (for example) and … Read More

Photoshooting a McDonalds burger: honesty or multi-layered deceit?

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

Why Your McD’s Burger Doesn’t Look Like the One in the Ad has left me feeling slightly confused and dirty. In it, the director of marketing for McDonalds Canada shows why there’s such a gap between reality and what’s presented in their ads. A few questions spring to mind. – Did Isobelle really write to McDonalds and ask that question? Really? … Read More

11,000 hours of AdWords experience: yours for the taking

Posted by Dave CollinsGoogle Ads

On Thursday June 21st I will be running an experiment. I will be distilling over 11,000 hours of Google AdWords experience into a 45 minute presentation. I guarantee that if you attend you’ll walk away with actionable information that can be used to improve your ROI. I also guarantee that you won’t have heard my views and ideas elsewhere.* This … Read More

Outweighing the pain of upgrading software

Posted by Dave CollinsMarketing

The psychology of pain is fascinating. We can remember incidents involving pain, yet we can’t precisely recall what the pain felt like, other than the fact that it was unpleasant. We can recall tastes, smells, sounds, images and touch with far greater clarity. Yet the more recent the pain, the greater our recall of the sensation, and the more we … Read More