Have Spotify lost their marbles?

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Despite reporting over 800 million active users, Facebook appear to be the current hate-figure of the month. Crimes include interface changes and privacy terms – shocking stuff. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. But for now, it’s cool to hate Facebook. Which is why Spotify’s decision to force new users to log into their service using a Facebook account is baffling.


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Why either/or? Some food for thought: – Good organic rankings won’t last forever. SEO is a moving target. – If people click on your ads then they’re working. * – PPC is more accountable. * – PPC gets quicker results. * – SEO is free. (Except it isn’t.) * = assuming that you’re doing it right. Some common misdecisions: (not a real … Read More

Google AdWords Webinar – 60 minutes of raw knowledge

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As you read this text, your Google AdWords account is wasting money. I guarantee it. It doesn’t have to be that way. On Wednesday October 12th 2011 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (5:00 PM UK, 6:00 Central European) you will have your chance to ask your Google AdWords Questions to Dave Collins. Who? Dave is the founder of SoftwarePromotions, and … Read More

Who’s using Bing? And why?

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You and I wouldn’t think about using anything else but Google for our searches, right? But you and I may not be representative of anything other than you and I. What about them?

DigMyData can save you time and your mind

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My name is Dave Collins and I’m a data addict. Actually screw that. I’m proud of it. My name is Dave Collins and I love data. As a company, we measure everything we do. I believe that data is worth more than personal interaction and intuition. I even have an application on my iPhone to track how well I sleep at night. … Read More

Exploit AdWords to the full

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I’m running an Action Class for AppSumo today: Let Dave show you how to get the most value out of Google AdWords! Google Adwords is a great tool for reaching the world with your product or service. Yet unlike most power tools, it comes with no safety instructions, which can cause you to waste a sizeable portion of your budget … Read More

FT vs. Apple. All hail a free market economy.

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The Financial Times have withdrawn their app from the Apple Store in response to Apple’s greed with revenue and customer data. Apple not only demand a 30% cut of revenues, but also retain full ownership of the customer data. Apple’s terms may well be acceptable to companies with a relatively unknown name, but the FT’s move may signify the start of … Read More