Question for the innovative: how do you make a splash big enough to be noticed in an ocean?

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Forty-one years ago, my Mum was six months pregnant, and probably starting to get a little uncomfortable. A few months later I was born and turned my parent’s lives upside down. For a first child there’s a predictable pattern of shock, intense anxiety, the start of routines and then problem-solving. The problem-solving is endless. Perhaps, forty years ago, my Mum … Read More

Technology is no cure for stupidity

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This was captured by my wife when she went to book tickets online for an event at the Royal Albert Hall. The team responsible for running the website and booking system clearly know that their server isn’t up to the task. So they’ve found a solution. I don’t know who first invented the numbered ticket queueing system loved by under-staffed … Read More

Certification and the futility of not selling out

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Thought 1: Bodybuilding has always struck me as an odd activity. At a very basic level, it’s about people wanting to look good and feel good about themselves.? taken from wikipedia Most young (and not so young) men would be happy to look like that. But if the aspiring bodybuilder decides to take it to a more competitive level, odd poses, … Read More

WARNING: Health alert for Software Developers

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There are many talented software developers in the world, and many people with great business skills. And while there are some lucky enough to be both, they are a tiny minority. Hence the number of great software products that never become great businesses. Software developers fall into the extreme-high-risk category of contracting Developer Syndrome. Although at first the symptoms may be … Read More

What happened to clarity? What happened to honesty?

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I recently returned from the Business of Software Conference in Boston – the most interesting event I have ever attended. The hotel we were staying at, like many, is keen to jump on the Green bandwagon. Yet the card in my bathroom seemed to be lacking in clarity. Apologies for the image quality – this was taken with my BlackBerry. And … Read More